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The ISMT & the Institute

Nurses and doctors from the UK, the Netherlands and Germany in 1995 founded ISMT "International Society for Medicine & Therapy" as a nonprofit association  (iasbl) in Brussels.

They would no longer stand by and watch the continuous degradation of the health sytems and increasing pressures on the sick and dependent persons.
The number of members and of those seeking advice is constantly increasing. Therefore, in 2010 the latest project, the non-profit "Institute for Safety in Medicine & Therapy", was established, in which the work and pool of our resources are constantly optimized. Many members work voluntarily for the benefit of the sick and needy.
Through its many international contacts and connections, the ISMT can often help with difficult financing for projects in medicine, therapy and care and arrange particularly in third-party funds and donations acquisition, giving everybody the healing discoveries and benefits of modern medicine.

For decades, the health systems are becoming more expensive, more complicated and less transparent. Because of the alleged "pressures on cost " benefits are significantly reduced or even completely abolished.

Research funds are available only with restrictions, rooms and equipment are commonly very difficult to finance. Financial resources are often limited and ready for too short a time and usually not enough.
Sick people, those in need of care and their relatives want above all, know which forms and methods in diagnosis and treatment for their specific situation are the best how to minimize side effects.

The ISMT provides most effective access to the latest in research, therapy and medication. We encourage and support and inform independently with utmost  competence and commitment!  

We collect relevant information from all areas of medicine, research, technology and IT, evaluate them and thus ensure that those affected receive the best care in accordance with the latest findings in modern medicine.

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