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Helping people in cases of unintentional childlessness, infertility, egg transfer, surrogacy

Institute for Safety in

Medicine & Therapy

Latest research discoveries, knowledge, methods, effects, correct prevention


Optimize care and minimize costs and limitations.

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The progress in medical technology in recent decades allows the cure of many previously

Deadly diseases, extends life expectancy and makes the once impossible now possible, e.g. in

Infertility therapy for childlessness.  ISMT initiates, encourages and supports many areas of

Research, development, deployment and rapid publication of new findings for the benefit of

Patients and the general public. As a not-for-profit organization ISMT dedicates all revenue,

Contributions and donations to these objectives.

Some examples of the areas ISMT supports

►   Fundamental research:    in new diagnostics, genetics, stem cells, therapeutic approaches

►   Biotechnology:    analyze large amounts of biological samples (DNA) in a short time:

►   Stem cell research and therapy: development of individualized therapies, organs

►   Nanotechnology:    open up great potential for new forms for healing and prevention

►   Reproduction Research:    new paths in infertility and desire for children, organ transplants

►   Medicine:    fast, risk-minimizing introduction of new knowledge and effective procedures

►   Prevention:    proven effective prevention against pointless, expensive "trends"

 Current projects