International Society 
for Medicine & Therapy

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We are involved in many social areas as a non-profit NGO (Non-Government Organization, not-for profit organization). Independent, apolitical and not bound to any confession or religion.

You have time to spare and want to help in your local or private environment the sick and those needing care? To engage socially? Great! Then we gladly support you with advice and assistance.

You receive important dossiers, can participate in training and personal development and always have a competent personal adviser at your side. Of course we also take care of your coverage in the context of liability.
You have free time next to your job, you want to make good use? Think of professional independence? You want to become self-employed and be your own boss?

Then you should talk to us. Work in the social areas provides many successful ways for your safe and fulfilling future. Working with and for people in the field of planning, organizing, training, and much more. We support you on the path to independence.
You are looking for a new job? A mini job? On a 400.- euro-basis? Or feel underrated, your skill is not recognized, you want to accept a new challenge?

Then apply now! It takes only a little time and we have always vacancies, locally, nationally and internationally. The compensation is based on the tariffs of public service and of course your knowledge and skills.

supporters - members - donors - candidates

We appreciate each and every supporter, donor and employee. On first contact, please only and exclusively use the contact form. Do not send personal documents! We will discuss all your options in personal contact thereafter.



2x Vacancies for secretarial service on a half day basis in Frankfurt starting from Oct.01.2016

 College finished, completed vocational training,

 good computer skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Volunteering / Freelance

Please use the contact form for a first contact and describe briefly, what you want to do, how much time you want to spend and where you can work.

We will respond immediately and discuss in person the best opportunities for a positive and successful cooperation.