Fundamentals and general research

The expenses for excellent research, particularly for fundamental research, exploded during the past decades. Resources are scarce, especially when the results and time frames are still waiting. Here the ISMT helps in providing contacts, dedicating funds as from donations, paving the way for public funding pots and successfully supporting the way too often confusing and complicated applications for funding.

Reproduction Research and Biotechnology

The terms and regulations are so numerous and varied as there are countries on this earth.

ISMT collects, aggregates and provides information and access to the results of these, in some countries excessively restricted, research and opportunities.


Health is precious, but the disease is really expensive, and unhealthy, too. Prevention avoids many health problems. Too often, however,recommendations for prevention only cost a lot of money, bring little help and sometimes even hurt.

ISMT evaluates recommendations for prophylaxis, monitors long-term and side effects and provides detailed and neutral information for professionals and patients.

Exchange of information and advice

ISMT initiates and promotes the neutral and objective exchange of information for professionals and the general public in comprehensible terms. Our experts are autonomous, free and independent. They actively help in all areas. They analyze results carefully according to the latest rules of science and provide advice and support without prejudice and without conflicts of interest!

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How can we help you?

Of course, the possibilities and funds of ISMT are limited. But please do not hesitate to send us a message any time via the contact form. Depending on the nature of your request a competent advisor will contact you asap.

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Being a non-profit organization, we provide as many services as possible for free or for a nominal fee. Nevertheless, many not avoidable expenses occur also for us and our active members - often volunteers - have only limited capacities.

Really good and independent experts are rare and often fees arise. We will arrange the first contact and gladly answer your questions.

In some cases, for the needy ISMT may achieve discounts or reimbursements.